Artist Statement

I am dedicated to building connections. Connections between people, between humans and the beyond-human world, between the items we surround ourselves with and the processes and skills that bring them to us. In my own work, I use natural materials whenever possible, and am continuing to build the capacity to source more materials locally. I enjoy making brooms because they are a beautiful object you can use every day, created mostly through human power, that both makes a practical change in your environment and can be put together with a diversity of materials and designs.



A Jane-of-All-Trades and a master of none. A generalist. Call me what you will. I am curious and can’t choose. But brooms can be so many things! They allow me to continue down this winding path, so they are the primary outcome I share with you!



About Me

I’ve been drawing, making, and fiddling since as long as I can remember. I studied fine art as an undergraduate and soon thereafter worked at a school of traditional craft that allowed me to dig deeper into woodwork and textiles. I made my first broom in the early spring of 2009. I still dance between these spaces, and have explored various media and practices between. I am dedicated to values-based economies and careful use of our natural resources, and working to support thriving rural communities is a big part of how I spend my energy when I’m not making or writing.

Montana & Minnesota are my homes. Thank you for inviting my work into yours.